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New Barn Road Closure -  770 New Ash Green Route


Monday 28th July to Wednesday 30th July


We have been informed that New Barn Road will be closed between Warren Road and the A2 from Monday 28th July for 3 days.


During the closure, coaches will divert via Red Street at the duck pond and Dale Road Southfleet to the A2.


All stops will be served as normal.




 Clarkes Commuter Tracking


Track our commuter coaches with our free coach tracker.


Click or open the link to track your commuter coach from a PC or smartphone.


Select your coach from the dropdown list. (Please note these only become available from the start time of each route)


Tracking should automatically update every minute, although you may manually update the screen by clicking the blue refresh button.


Due to technical or geographical reasons, tracking may not always update on time, and we do not hold ourselves responsible for any missed departures.



Please visit our dedicated commuter facebook page for regular updates don't forget to click on like